Out of Balance

I’m knee deep in boxes from packing up my apartment and moving in with my boyfriend. My best friend just moved to a different state. We are short-staffed at work so the hours are getting longer and longer.

A slice of 23 layer cake (Thanks Michael Jordan Steakhouse for making that thigh gap even more unattainable than ever) and 8,000 calories later- I’m finally having a minute to breathe and reflect on how out of balance everything is. I just feel if one of those things was more manageable, everything would feel 100% lighter. However- that’s not the case.  Continue reading

Signing a Lease with a BOY

It’s official – I have been accepted to sign a lease with my long-time boyfriend. I am flooded with emotions as I type this. On one hand, the place is absolutely gorgeous and I feel elated just thinking about living in this stunning high rise in Old Town. However, this is a big change for me. If you know me, you know I am a weeper and cry every time there is a big life change. Continue reading

Why I said “No” to a Bridesmaid Invitation

About a year ago I was put in an awkward situation. I was asked to be in a wedding that I had little interest in participating in. I feel pretty confident that I am not the only person whose first inclination was to pretend I never got the memo asking me. Unfortunately she asked me in person so that wasn’t an option, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Continue reading

There’s Cash in Your Closet

I recently went through a huge closet overhaul. Things either weren’t fitting the way they once had or my sense of style had simply changed. Typically, I would just donate the clothes and not give it another thought. But not this time. I decided to try selling my clothes at my local consignment shop and eBay. And now, per usual, I am addicted.

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25 Stages of Adele’s “25” Album

  1. Learning Adele is releasing the album on November 20.
  2. Becoming obsessed with “Hello”
  3. Pre-ordering the album once learning it won’t be available on Spotify.
  4. Waking up on November 20 (aka Christmas 2.0) and seeing the notification from iTunes that the download is available.
  5. Shhhhh! Mike please stop making any noise while getting ready so I can soak up every lyric.
  6. Experiencing the most emotional commute to work where I stare at all the other bus passengers and feel all the feels.H2L5V8OUKR
  7. Gathering the co-workers who didn’t pony up and spend the $11 for the album and shared the experience with them. (*Note some had to leave abruptly due to emotional distress)
  8. Going to happy hour full of emotions
  9. Drinking a bottle of champagne and sharing my deepest secrets
  10. Lying in my dark room and listening to the album alone to reflect on last night and my life in general. (Silent weeps)
  11. Facebook stalking of people from my past.9JEXI8ECJY
  12. Looking at pictures I posted in 2005 and judging myself. And then realizing “we all know we ain’t kids no more ooohhh”.
  13. Getting a pretty good grasp on the lyrics and doing some housework while singing along (read: belting out the songs.)
  14. Getting a call from the doorman checking in to see if everything is ok in the unit because he got some complaints/ concerns that someone was dying inside.
  15. Looking at my life and my choices. Doing some more reflections.sleeping
  16. Trying to turn on the TV to distract myself, but Mike wasn’t home, so I couldn’t figure out all the buttons on the remote. Now questioning my independence.
  17. Doing some errands and driving and singing along. Several honks ensue. (Per usual- I’m not a great driver and coupled with the snow…let’s just say some people were annoyed with me.)
  18. Picking Mike up and not allowing him to talk. Instead, giving him a private concert: just me and my girl, Adele. (You’re welcome, Mike.)
  19. Making it home to watch Adele on SNL. And it being everything I wanted and more.
  20. Going to bed and having satisfyingly deep, emotional dreams.
  21. Waking up refreshed and ready to tackle the world like a BO$$
  22. Tuning out all football and listening to the album again
  23. Listening to Adele in the shower and feeling like the deep conditioner isn’t as deep after listening to “I Miss You
  24. Emerging from the bathroom, sliding in my socks on the hardwood floor, making the most dramatic entrance and serenading Mike once again. (Confidence level = all time high.)
  25. Winning a small victory when Mike sings along with me in the car as “Hello” comes on the radio.

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Let’s Do This!

Whew! You made it! Looks like the impulse purchase of a domain name one Sunday evening is paying off – because YOU are HERE.

This all started because I have been fortunate enough to have some of the best sounding boards, voices of reason, and encouragers surrounding me – and I want to share it with the world. (Even if that world ends up only being my mom, sister and the random person in Sweden reading this blog.)

You’ll be hearing from a variety of people in my life and I hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me every day.